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Investment Philosophy




1. Strategic Acquisitions: We believe that we make our profit when we purchase a property.  This means we only                 acquire strong cash-flowing deals with upside.  We provide thorough underwriting for each property to make sure

    that a deal will fit our citeria.


2. Community Contribution: A large commercial real estate property many times is a conerstone of a neighborhood.         We understand the importance of providing clean, safe, and affordable housing and office space that enhances the

    entire community while filling a need. 


3. Precise Execution: Delivering on our goals is what we take pride in and is what allows us to have continued success         even in changing markets.  


4. Professional Management:  Managing an asset properly is vitally important to the success of any investment                    property.  Our proven track record of managing hundreds of units successfuly means that each defficiency in                      management will be corrected on takeover and each growth opportunity will be maximized.

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